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October 15, 2013
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Associate Highlight: Meet Ron Farris

Ron Farris is a Summit associate located in our Chicago office.  His role as Data Control Coordinator is a vital part of the IT / J D Edwards team.  Ron has been with Summit Group for nearly 10 years and is very proud of where he is in life with a great job, beautiful wife and 3 wonderful children.  Most recently he was recognized as a Summit Group 2013 quarter 2 Peak Performer!Ron's pic

Family is very important to Ron.  In his free time he enjoys playing and traveling with his children.  The Farris clan loves to vacation in Ecuador South America, where his wife is from, but this year they will take traveling by storm in their own minivan!

Ron is an active member in his Catholic church, serving as Eucharist Minister and Compassionate Minister.  He even met Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago, without realizing his “celebrity” encounter until later.

In his own words, Ron would like to share these thoughts with his fellow Summiteers and friends of Summit Group: “there are days that seem like forever, but in life nothing does last forever.  We need to enjoy what we have and do not worry about what we don’t have”.

Let’s thank Ron for his wise words and his demonstration of Summit Group’s core principals of being disciplined, engaged, collaborative, innovative, and profitable!

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