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May 1, 2015
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Associate Highlight: Meet Mark Becker

Some athletes play their whole career without ever reaching the pinnacle of their sport; never experiencing the thrill of winning a championship. Fortunately, that can’t be said about Summit Group DC’s Group President, Mark Becker. You may or may not know that Mark’s passion, outside of the world of promotional productions, of course, is playing hockey. Starting out as a skating novice, Mark helped lead his team to a championship title that was 32 years in the making!

Many people start playing a sport in their childhood years and continue through school until they reach the “real world.” Mark, on the other hand, first stepped out onto the ice in his mid- twenties having never skated a day in his life. With practice and dedication, he picked up the skills needed for ice hockey by participating in a boot camp of sorts. Little did he know that this would become the start of thirty plus years of sportsmanship and friendship between a group of strangers.PreGame

The team’s average age is about 60, often matching up against teams with players in their 30s and 40s.   Various professions are represented: attorneys, CPA’s, company presidents. In Mark’s own words, “(we’ve) been through a lot of life together.”

Hockey is something that has become more than just a pastime for Mark. Sharing a funny memory, Mark recalls the day his oldest daughter was born and having his team members bring him his hockey gear so that he could go straight from the hospital to his game that evening!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn what would be his 32nd year of playing hockey, Mark’s team, the Mighty Old Ducks, won their league’s championship game on April 22, 2015. Starting at left wing, Mark helped his team to victory, even scoring 2 goals in the playoff game leading up to the championship. With this big win under their belts, the Might Old Ducks have been invited to Toronto to play in a tournament with the 11 other league championship winners from across the USA and Canada.

Click on the photo below to see highlights of Mark in action!

Hockey Image

Join me in the comments to congratulate Mark and his team and to wish them good luck for their future games!

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