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April 11, 2016
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Associate Highlight: Meet Josh Bleicher

Account Coordinator Josh Bleicher has worked in our Chicago division for slightly over a year. Despite not having any experience in this industry prior to being hired, he has adapted very well and truly loves connecting with clients on a daily basis. His role here requires him to develop product presentations and quotes, handle order entry, maintain positive relationships with clients and vendors, and most importantly to have fun on the job!

When not at work, Josh likes spending time with friends, especially when it means getting out of the state for the weekend! He also enjoys playing guitar, spending time with his cat Rox, and loves to get his weekly cardio in with indoor soccer.

From the looks of his desk, can you tell which team he roots for?

From the looks of his desk, can you tell which team he roots for?

During the summer, you will more than likely find Josh at a Cubbie game!! In fact, one of his most cherished childhood memories is as a 13 year old in little league baseball. In the last inning, he dove to catch the winning ball that was hit into center field! His entire team ran out, lifted him up, and carried him all the way back to the infield.  Although he is a huge fan of the Cubs and baseball in general, hockey is by far his favorite sport. He says, “You can’t find that type of intensity and speed in any other sport.”

Josh is fun and filled with lots of energy! He’s a hard-worker and loves tackling any task given to him. His daily motto is “always have a great attitude and good things will come.”

Summit is more than happy to have him here and we wish him a very bright future!

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