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February 25, 2016
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Associate Highlight: Lou Guzzo

LouSummit is happy to welcome Chicago’s newest associate, Lou Guzzo! Lou is the Manager of IT Project Delivery and works closely with the VP of IT as well as the rest of the IT Leadership team. His main goal is to have all Summit IT projects that are worked on internally and/or externally finished accordingly. Lou makes sure to provide the best experience for our clients by evaluating current processes, finding impediments, and looking for ways to improve them.

When reflecting on his childhood, Lou commented that he has always been a hard worker. Starting from the age of 10, he had various odd jobs, whether it was painting parking lot lines or car detailing for friends and neighbors. By being such a hard worker, he has developed this “work hard, play hard” mentality. It has led him to enjoy vacations that much more! Any chance he has to get away, he will be the first to take full advantage of it. He thinks of it like this: what’s the point of working hard if you can’t spend the money you earn letting loose, relaxing in beautiful places with the people that matter the most to you?

Vacationing has been a big part of Lou’s life since he can remember. One of his favorite family memories from birth up until high school is going camping with his entire family and some of his parents’ friends and their families every Labor and Memorial Day weekend! He was tubing behind a boat, in Lake Erie, in his mom’s lap at barely a year old. Spending time away from everyday life has made up some of his best childhood memories!

One of Lou’s favorite quotes!

One of Lou’s favorite quotes!

Lou makes it a point to try new things and be diverse in his day-to-day life. He is fortunate to have a number of friends who are very talented in the music, theatre, and acting arena. His family and friends are his world so he enjoys being there for them in support.

His daily attitude on life corresponds with his job. Here at Summit, he implements lots of change and everyday there is a challenge he can’t wait to tackle. Summit as a company is always evolving and although at times that task can be a challenge to get everyone on board, once it’s up and going the magic happens and he says it makes it all worth it!

Welcome to the Summit family, Lou! We wish you nothing but success.

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