Think Globally. Attract, Engage and Retain Locally.

At Summit, we move your audience with marketing that matters, which in turn moves you and your brand.

By merging the creative right-brain and logistical left-brain, Summit excels in the effective use of marketing tactics to achieve our clients’ branding, communication, and recognition goals. Summit incorporates building and continuously improving tactics to enhance our clients’ marketing and engagement messaging.

Summit’s mission is to optimize our clients’ business performance by moving the needle to create a noticeable, positive effect.  We focus on our client’s main goals – promoting the brand, educating their audience, or engaging employees - while not losing sight of controlling costs, helping generate profitable revenue while maximizing the return on investment.

Our services include:

Branded Solutions – The power of branded merchandise lies in a unique ability to captivate through a physical tangible embodiment of your brand, allowing your message to last beyond a specific event.  Summit’s domestic and international sourcing experts deliver creative concepts, cost savings, quality assurance, product safety and socially responsible business practices.  Summit offers branded products and apparel, on-line company stores, custom product development, global sourcing, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution, and more.

Marketing Solutions – Expertise on everything from integrated full-media campaigns to hands-on immersion experiences, Summit incorporates all aspects of the client’s brand and culture to its marketing solutions for one, universal, clear voice.  Summit offers interactive sites, social media, email campaigns, mobile apps, ecommerce, online advertising, TV, radio and print commercial creation, media planning & buying, event management, performance measurement & optimization, and more.

Recognition Solutions– Summit Recognition Solutions works closely with our clients to understand their Recognition, Engagement, and Incentive needs, and uses our expertise to work collaboratively to design, implement and manage Real Recognition and Real Incentive programs that deliver Real Impact. From Service Anniversary or Spot Recognition, to Sales Incentive or Safety Recognition, to Enterprise-wide Employee Engagement solutions, we design and build solutions that drive performance that positively impacts corporate goals and objectives.